Military Operations in Civil Litigation

By Lt. Cmdr. Thomas M. Brown, Admiralty & Maritime Law (Code 11) I am an active duty member of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps, currently detailed to the Civil Division of the Department of Justice. It has been a tremendous privilege to be selected for this billet, and to litigate some of the most…

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Capt. Grogan Retires

Judge Advocate General of the Navy Vice Adm. Nanette DeRenzi, presents Capt. Dave Grogan’s wife with a certificate recognizing her service and sacrifice during her husband’s career at the Washington Navy Yard, March 31, 2014.  Grogan served 26 years of active-duty service in the Navy before retiring as the executive assistant to the judge advocate…

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Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal

Capt. Scott Thompson presents Lt. Cmdr. Garrett Snow the Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal for his service as a personnel law attorney, ethics counselor, and command authorities attorney in the Administrative Law Division of Naval Civil Law Support Activity (OJAG Code 13). Snow will soon report to his new assignment as the command judge advocate in…

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Harvard National Security Journal

The International Law of Unconventional Statecraft  by Michael N. Schmitt and Andru E. Wall Jus Extra Bellum: Reconstructing the Ordinary, Realistic Conditions of Peace by Michael Jefferson Adams Controlling the Use of Power in the Shadows: Challenges in the Application of Jus in Bello to Clandestine and Unconventional Warfare Activities by Todd C. Huntley and…

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Marine beer maker recreates authentic Tun Tavern ale

By Hope Hodge Seck, Marine Corps Times Almost 239 years old, and still hoppy and refreshing. A Marine beer-brewer in Virginia dove into his history books to research and create “1775,” a new ale that replicates the brew the first Marines drank at Tun Tavern. And he’s releasing it in time for the Marine Corps…

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